Harmful Algal Blooms

Visual signs of an algal bloom.

When blooms are formed by toxin-producing bacteria (Cyanobacteria), it is generally referred as a harmful algal bloom (HAB).

What should you do if you ever see HAB?

Do not drink, Avoid exposure to your skin, Do not fish, Do not allow your pets to risk of exposure. >If exposed to this substance you must wash immediately with soap and fresh water.

How to reduce the occurance of algal blooms. Nutrients that cause algal blooms include phosphorus and nitrogen.  These nutrients can enter waterbodies through many natural and human sources.  Human activities including unmanaged land clearing, landscaping, farming, and motor vehicle use can contribute to increased nutrient levels.  Controlling man-made sources of nutrients can help prevent algal blooms.  The following can be implemented to help control nutrient impacts to waterbodies.